Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson Ltd.
Engineers and Builders of Working Model Sailing Ships
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About Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson Ltd

Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson Ltd. started from the base of a professional model making company: Philip Roberts Models. At Philip Roberts Models, we build new product and engineering prototypes as well as display models. Precision and quality of appearance are our hallmarks. In 1997, we built a 1:2 scale model of the GOES weather satellite that can now be seen in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.

As Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson Ltd. we apply the knowledge and skills we learnt in building thousands of museum quality models to the hobby industry. We feel that 90% of all model kits seem to get started but never finished because of the tedium of too many tricky and oft-repeated tasks that drive the builder to quit. 

2500 hours were spent developing the first ship, the brig, and 1500 hours on the development of the HMS Surprise to minimize the production costs without compromising sailing qualities, ensuring that every part of each system works optimally and without failures (apart from those inherent in normal wear and tear). The kits, their instructions and plans are designed to ensure fast results and rewards, to allow addition of details that the builder desires, and to prevent errors, allowing those that are made to be redeemed. The sailing qualities are assured by the size and scale, and have been adjusted to produce the best possible system, whilst still being transportable. At a smaller scale, but with the same model hull length, sails would be smaller, lines thinner, displacement less, small details harder to replicate, and mechanical necessities (ballast keel, hatches, rigging hooks) more out of scale.



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