Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson Ltd.
Engineers and Builders of Working Model Sailing Ships
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Why We Build These Ships

The complexity of developing sailing square rigged models has meant that no manufacturer would produce one, until now. Our kits are ones that you will enjoy building, and when completed, the ships will be yours to sail on lakes, pools and bays. Experience the excitement of captaining your own ship; clawing off a lee shore, sailing through unexpectedly rough weather and large waves before you can reach safe harbour. Heave-to offshore whilst you make decisions, come alongside your dock with precision and perfect your tacking, boxhauling and wearing. Sail in company with other Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson Ltd. ships. Try sailing in formation, challenging others with your sailing skills and reliving encounters from the past.

Our intent is to produce a very high quality kit that will satisfy those who want to be able to actually sail a model just as the real ship was sailed, as well as being a pleasure to build. Between 1760 and 1820 the world was dominated by ship building, voyaging, trading and maritime warfare.The square rigged ships were a culmination of hundreds of years of design and crafts skills, the use of resources and human ingenuity. They were also the principal manifestation of technology and power in the greatest expansionist period of Western hegemony.

We want the models that Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson Ltd. produce to be a revered product in the world. Our goal is to provide owners and builders of our vessels with a continuing, enjoyable, learning experience and longlasting pleasure.