Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson Ltd.
Engineers and Builders of Working Model Sailing Ships
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Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson Ltd
815 High Street,
Palo Alto, California 94301

Phone:   +1 (650) 324 - 4344
(8:30am - 5:30pm Pacific Time)


Order your Ship, or DVD video: 

Ship prices are listed on each ship's page.

The Prince de Neufchatel is $3000 for the complete kit, plus shipping. $50 discount for cash, check or electronic funds transfer.

The Cruiser Class brig is no longer available. We do have our highly detailed, completely built prototype still and the price is $7000 plus shipping.

And the HMS Surprise is no longer available. We do have our original prototype available, ready to sail, for $6000 plus shipping.

Taxable if delivered within California. Shipping costs are additional. To place an order please call us between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm US Pacific Time at 650 463 5703 or 650 324 4344.
We accept Visa or Mastercard and require a 30% deposit with the remainder payable when your kit is dispatched (normally within a few weeks). Once we receive your order we will get you a quote on delivery. Questions you will be asked include choice of ensigns (you get two with each ship) and on the brigs, choice of armament.

DVD video: A 15 minute video in which the owner, Philip Roberts, explains the goals and background of the company, the working of the ships, the way the kits are made and the materials used. Footage within the workshop showing kits being made and of both the Cruiser Brig and the HMS Surprise sailing, being decommissioned and transported. There is also a 15 minute (amateur) video included on the DVD that shows all three ships sailing and has footage of launching as well as a sequence shot from the deck of HMS Surprise as she leaves the harbor, tacks and comes back in. This is $20.00 (deductible from order of a ship) plus shipping ($5.00 first class mail North America; $8.00 airmail for the rest of the World), for either PAL (European format) or NTSC (North American format) DVD.  

Order by Phone:
As yet we do not accept online orders. The prices of each ship are on that ship's page in red type. To order your ship please telephone us from 8:30 to 5:00 Pacific Time Monday through Friday at (650) 463-5703 or fax (650) 324-2179 (USA). You can also send us an e-mail. 

Prices are subject to change, so confirm them before ordering. We accept US checks, bank drafts in US dollars, international money orders/ bank wires, Visa or Mastercard. We require a 30% deposit to confirm your order and payment in full before we ship your vessel. 

Completed ships are built to order and quoted upon request. Kits are often in stock. Complete kits will be delivered in two boxes (ship and ballast keel) except for the Prince de Neufchatel, which is all in one box. Approximate shipping charges for complete kits of the brigs are as follows: USA: FedEx Economy, (to the East Coast): $160 - CA residents add tax. Europe: Air Freight including delivery to your home; 4 to 5 days; $380 - $500 - recipient responsible for Customs duties and Value Added Tax, if applicable. 

Warranty on Assembled Ships:
Since we build the ships by hand, quality control is excellent. We test sail each assembled ship. Under "normal" use, we have found that all components will last more than 100 sailing hours. If you find something that you believe to be failing prematurely, check with us, and if it is, we will replace or repair it free of charge. Items and causes of failure that are excluded from this warranty are: disposable items such as rubber bands or wire ties; water damage to the servos; sunlight attacking the materials; or problems with the servos caused by "jamming" or stalling (- make sure your running rigging is adjusted correctly!). Servos are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. 



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Ship Boxed
Ships boxed and ready for delivery


Detail of HMS
Gallery of the HMS Surprise


Test sailing a brig in Golden Gate Park