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Additional detailing

This page will give you some ideas on what kind of detailing is easy to add to your ship without infringing on her sailability. This page shows HMS Surprise #005. She was built up in the shop here with quite a lot of additional detail. The plans and instructions do not include this additional detailing information so as to keep model assembly as simple and as fast as possible. The knowledge-seeking ship builder who wants to add detail can find information in books and plans of the ships of this period.


One option is to buy the 11 different figures we offer. They are made of from one to three pieces of cast polyurethane, molded from originals we made here. They make the ship more "alive". To the right you can see them aboard HMS Surprise #005.

Cannons and bulwark planking

All the visible guns on this particular ship have had the full complement of tackle and gun equipment added. You can also see the 32lb and 6lb shot in garlands on the deck. The bulwark planking effect was created with a scoring tool.

Detailing at a scale of 1:24 (1/2" to the foot) looks quite real.



Looking down into the mechanical hatch.


Capstan bars and pinrails

The capstan bars are stored against the main mast. Many of these pictures show pinrails with belaying pins and coils of rope.


Boat equipment and wooldings

Oars have been made to store in the boats. Puncheons and ropes increase realism. The main and fore lower masts have been fitted with wooldings.



Octagonalized yards

Here we are using a milling machine and indexing head to change the middle section of the larger yards into octagons..


Wheel and deck nail heads

We put rope around the wheel drum and marked the deck nail heads on all decks.



The headrails feature additional detailing with dry transfers. In this picture the ship is still building: there is no gammoning yet.


Transom and quarter galleries

The transom and quarter galleries have been enhanced with dry transfers too.


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  Figures at bow  
Figures at bow
  Figures at carronade  
Figures at carronade
  Figure at ratline  
Figure at ratline