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Cruiser Class brig

Grasshopper on Launching Cart

Cruiser Class brig ready for launching


Detail of figurine on Mizen Top

Mizen top, HMS Surprise


Philip Roberts with the Grasshopper

Philip Roberts and HMS Surprise

   On the web
  • Square Rigger kit - 18 Gun Brig-of-War of 1797
    A web forum for model ship builders building Steel Chapman & Hutchinson ships. Hundreds of posts with lots of photographs - some incredibly helpful information posted by builders who sincerely want to help others.
  • Model Ship World
    A forum for model ship builders of all ilks. Well presented and well organized.
  • Ancre Publishing
    Each book I have from Ancre I cherish. Each is a delight in visual portrayal and carefully researched revelation of the art of shipbuilding. The translations into English are excellent. The 4 volume work on the 74-gun ship is a masterpiece, uncovering the minutae of the shipbuilding craft of the 1800's, from the selection of the trees to the designs of the uniforms. The website is viewable in English too, at least in the introductory pages.
  • Color scheme for HMS Victory:
    This is a fairly detailed color specification and could be used for Royal Navy ships especially the HMS Surprise and the Cruiser Class brigs.
  • Arsenal (as in Naval dockyard) model maker Olivier Bello:
    As a nation the French show a large interest in the documentation, history and model building of square-rigged sailing ships. Olivier Bello is the most accessible of the modern French masters, even going to the trouble of translating his wonderful website into English. Not sailing models, but gorgeous museum pieces.
  • Ships in Scale magazine:
    the leading workshop and research magazine for the ship modelers of all levels of experience. Two part article on building our brig, 2001) Published and edited by shipmodelers.
    A source for scale sized flags and vinyl lettering (at last!).
  • Jotika Ltd:
    A source for 1:64 display model kits of several Napoleonic period ships, including a Cruiser Class Brig (c£180.00 Oct. 2000) showing details that could be added to your Steel, Chapman and Hutchinson Ltd. ship.
  • The Nautical Research Guild:
    Publishes the "Nautical Research Journal". Good resource for materials sources as well as knowledge.
  • TowerHobbies, R/C Web Directory:
    On line catalog of one of the the major R/C retailers.
  • A Real Enthusiast's Home Page: Andreas Gondesen
    Pictures and information on his beautifully detailed and sailing square-riggers. Also a source of scale rope.

   More resources

  • Bilge Pump
    Ram 45 Boat Saver senses bilge water and activates pump and warning light - for those of you who have not sealed your deck/hull joint properly or forget to put the mechanical hatch on in rough weather!
    Ram, Round Lake Beach, IL USA tel.: 847 740 8726




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