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The Prince de Neufchâtel
Adam and Noah Brown's Privateer Schooner

Built at New York in 1813 this ship was one of the fastest and most successful Amercian ships of the War of 1812 (6 prizes in 6 days in the English Channel (1814); chased 17 times by men-of-war that summer, but outran them every time). A large schooner (110' 8", 33.7m length on deck), she was typical in body plan of the American privateers. Very highly thought of by her country (she changed owners in 1814 for $21,000) as well as her enemies. When finally taken, the British copied her.

Our ship is armed with 16 18lb carronades and two 6lb cannon, has three square sails, a driver (supplied as a double reefed version as well) a topmast gaff sail, a fore gaff sail, and three jibs. She has two sail servos (one, a sail winch, for the fore and aft sails, one for the square) and one rudder servo. 

Length on deck is 55.3" (1.4m)

Hull weight is 25 lbs (11.4 kgs), Sailing weight is 47 lbs (21.4 kgs)

Ballast keel weighs 22 lbs (10.0 kgs)

Ready for sailing she measures (extreme) 97" long, 67" high and 33" wide(2.46m x 1.7m x .84m).

The complete kit (and it is complete!): hull, decks, hull fittings, masts, standing rigging, sails, deck fittings, running rigging and fittings, servos and fittings, ballast keel and launching cart. Everything you need to build and sail except the 4-channel transmitter and receiver.

Price $3000, plus shipping. We also have our prototype available, ready to sail for $4,200 plus shipping.

Prince de Neufchatel prototype
Prince de Neufchatel prototype
Prince de Neufchatel
Prince de Neufchatel on Utica Reservoir
Prince de Neufchatel
Prince de Neufchatel at sea!

  Click here for the story of the real Prince de Neufchâtel.


half breadth
Prince de Neufchâtel Sail Plan
half breadth
Prince de Neufchâtel Half Breadth
body plan
Prince de Neufchâtel Body Plan