Prince de Neufchatel 18 lb carronade
Prince de Neufchatel 18 lb carronade


Prince de Neufchâtel Story
The ship in history

Built at New York by Adam and Noah Brown in 1812 -13, this ship was one of the fastest and most successful American ships of the War of 1812. A large schooner (110' 8", 33.7m length on deck), she was typical in body plan of the American privateers. She was very highly thought of by her country as well as her enemies.

In 1814 in the English Channel she took 6 prizes in as many days. Chased 17 times by British men-of-war that summer she outran them every time. After a refit in Boston she was espied during a calm by the British frigate Endymion off the Nantucket Shoals. HMS Endymion, unable to draw close, sent in 5 boats with around 115 men (against the American's 38) to take the Neufchâtel. The boats managed to get alongside under fire but the boarders were repelled with the loss of 31 defenders killed or wounded and 70 to 93 of the attackers. She sailed back to Boston. When she sailed again at Christmas time 1814, now fully crewed with 120 men under Nicholas Millin, she was chased through a severe gale by three British frigates, Leander, Newcastle and Acasta. The Neufchâtel lost spars in the chase, and so was taken. Sir George Collier was so impressed with her sailing (13.5 knots, a speed, when compared to her waterline length, equivalent to that obtained by the Clipper ships and modern American Cup yachts) he sent her to England where she was measured for copying. After breaking her back on Deptford dockyard sill she was sold out.


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